When the Fox Hears the Rabbit Scream, He Comes Running
- but not to help -
Sep 18 2017
thelastgoodone: (Blazer)
Working on something. 

Do not disturb.
Sep 17 2017
marveling: (pic#11685203)
Not enough aspirin in the world...
Sep 17 2017
softlyspeaks: (Hello listeners!)
Happy Monday eve, everyone!

Can't wait!
Sep 17 2017
90minutesofsleep: (title)
"Just 'cos I ain't doing it..."
Sep 17 2017
hausofbrix: ('two of 'em')
[Stocking up on batteries and snacks]
Sep 17 2017
animage: (Default)
[Treating her snake like a puppy]
Sep 17 2017
raisedgrimm: (hitting the books)
[Rolls into town, tracking a Mary]
Sep 16 2017
shelbycobra: (In the pits)
Starting my last race up front.
Sep 15 2017
secondshift: (Default)
Time to let my hair down.
Sep 15 2017
det_lindsay: (Default)
[smiles] Can I ask you something?
Sep 15 2017
studyincharlotte: (006)
[On a bench, drinking a PSL]
Sep 15 2017
janiepotts: (chatting)
Joke: Why didn't the clock work?
Sep 14 2017
long_range: (pic#11626424)

Get down off of that.
Sep 14 2017
putbacktogether: (Default)
Want to get out of here?
Sep 13 2017
parapraxis: (Default)
Another late night doing paperwork. Argh.
Sep 13 2017
tessanne: (tess is concentrating)
This is taking getting used to.
Sep 13 2017
w_zimmerman: (death is only the beginning)
Live each day like your last.
Sep 12 2017
exertions: (pic#11722586)
The hell was that light flash?
Sep 12 2017
prettydolly: (come in)
Nobody cares if Dickie gets hurt.
Sep 11 2017
itrhymes: (Default)
[ Pushing a glittery spider aside. Why. ]
Sep 11 2017
dhil: (But why?)

Very lost. Show help please?
Sep 10 2017
pixiesized: (pic#11665901)
Managed to miss my own party.
Sep 10 2017
mordredeschain: (A Rare Smile)
 Mordred thanks ya for the food.
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